PPC for Car Dealers

Why PPC is Right For Your Dealership.

TurnKey Marketing’s PPC for Car Dealers program is designed to align your offline needs and marketing efforts with your online marketing efforts to strengthen your overall message. Whether you have a “Stairstep Bonus”, Aged units you are paying curtailment on or need to speed up your used car turn cycle we have a strategy ready to be put in place for you.

Use your marketing dollars to maximize your ROI, increase exposure and generate results. With our Pay Per Click campaigns designed for car dealers working in the background, you can focus on setting appointments and selling cars – we’ll do the rest.

Why Our Automotive PPC firm?

Rapid decisions with rapid precision in a fast-paced environment – that’s a car dealership. We understand the dynamic and know what works. Niche markets need niche expertise. We have the knowledge, experience and ability within the automotive industry to effectively utilize the keywords and strategies used to increase customer flow. You’ll see an immediate change in your customer dynamic, and get an edge over the competition. We research and develop comprehensive campaigns that target the customers you want and need while cutting costs and delivering results.

Benefits of PPC for a Dealer

  • Hands-on Development
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Call Tracking
  • Analytics-based campaign alterations
  • Elimination of third-party lead providers
  • Online PPC Reporting
  • Instant Campaign Impact
  • Fully-customized Programs
  • 100% transparency
  • Nominal monthly fees

Improve Your Bottom Line

Align your offline goals with your online marketing.  Turnkey Marketing’s PPC for Car Dealers program is designed to help you piggyback on Tier 1 and 2 marketing while also allowing dealerships the ability to gain an advantage in hitting their stairstep bonuses. Using a shared document that takes less than 30 minutes to fill out the first time and only 5-10 minutes to update TurnKey marketing will always make sure you dealership’s online marketing efforts are always pumping on all 8!

The TurnKey Difference

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Converting prospects into customers is the ultimate goal, but what happens once they get to the site? Our formula goes beyond simple interaction. We can develop beautiful landing pages that cater to the user experience. This not only keeps your customer engaged while converting clicks into leads, but gives them a reason to come back. Our customized landing page content and campaigns utilize all the elements of superior marketing – draw on emotion, provide a memorable experience, and make the sale worth the customer’s time. We make the concept of automotive PPC campaigns worth your while, and the customers’ too!

Use your marketing dollars to maximize your ROI, increase exposure and generate results. With an automotive Pay Per Click campaign, you can focus on selling cars – we’ll do the rest.