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Automotive Social Media

Automotive dealerships can acquire new customers and maintain positive relationships with existing ones by having a strong social media presence. Social media should be a priority and not a side project. The ease of access and immense reach of social media opens countless new opportunities to foster a positive customer relationship before, during, and after a vehicle purchase. Getting some outside expert help can ensure that your dealership stays on the cutting edge of social media management. Doing well in this arena is more complicated than getting more likes on Facebook than your competition. A social media manager can foster online customer relationships and grow web traffic similarly to an excellent public relations firm.

How Big Is Social Media

Up until around 2014, website search engines were responsible for bringing the most traffic to a website. According to a study by the social media content sharing specialists at Shareaholic, social media drove about a third of all traffic to websites in the fourth quarter of 2014. Social media is now just as important for bringing in web traffic as search engines. Google notably takes a brand’s social media performance into consideration when performing results rankings. It’s usually not as simple as getting more likes, but rather how much activity is going on with the page. Website social performance, which is measured by shared content quality and how often fans and followers share content, is now a factor in how search engines rank sites. Social media presence can make the difference in a dealership being in first or second position in search results and being first means more incoming traffic.

What Social Media Means to Auto Dealers

One of the main goals of an auto dealership website is to convert new customers and make a sale. If an auto dealership doesn’t shift its online focus to include converting customers through social media, it will miss out on sales opportunities from people who spend most of their online time on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Not participating in social media means that fewer customers will find their way to the dealer website and won’t follow up on things like inventory listings and sales promotions.

What do we do for you?

Here at Turnkey Marketing we take a journalistic approach to content creation and focus on quality over quantity. We bring positive brand awareness to your dealership. Building a positive reputation for a dealership is a much more human process because of the two-way communication as opposed to traditional methods such as testimonial advertising: it’s like taking word-of-mouth advertising to a larger, controlled scale.

Turnkey Marketing starts with investigating what your specific dealership brand means to your community, what message you want to send to the audience, and what kind of content your unique audience is craving. We start with a “Brand Discovery” process that outlines your dealership and researches what makes it unique. We will examine your audience and cater a mix of original and curated content that appeals to their interests.

Your dealership’s audience will remember what they see you post, so we’ll make sure that your posts achieve a consistent, compelling tone that drives home the point you want to make. The quality content we provide will work well for engaging customers on social media. We also track how well posts and tweets perform on a weekly basis so we can fine-tune your content to resonate better with your audience and expand your reach to new audience members. We analyze, review, and report on the social campaign progress to see how well the project worked and how we can improve future ones.

Social media offers a direct channel to step into the conversation about the brand with current and potential customers. The interaction provides a promising opportunity to convert fans and followers into customers. The best way to handle social media interactions is to always listen, respond, ask questions, and engage your audience. We can do things like help the dealership respond to compliments from customers, which will make them feel appreciated, and address customer concerns to protect the dealership’s positive reputation. We have the knowledge and experience of the sales process to respond effectively.

The J.D. Power survey found one-third of customers check online reviews when selecting a dealership, which can be a huge deal breaker in more populated areas with many dealership options for the same brands. People may come across reviews of your dealership online that are linked to friends’ Facebook accounts. These reviews are personal and more important to them than ones from strangers as they can make or break a sale. Having a strong social media presence makes it much easier to address customer concerns online and is an effective way to turn a negative review from a customer that had a bad experience into a long-lasting, positive relationship. We monitor these online ratings and help you respond to them accordingly.

There is business to gain from participating in social media and business to lose by ignoring it. A well-run, personal while professional social media presence is the safest bet for growth.

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