About Us

TurnKey Marketing is your partner in generating more profit at your business.

We opened our doors in 2002 with our fundamental foundation being to increase profits for our clients. Since then we have and still remain focused on the profit first philosophy for our clients and partners. Here's a brief history of our brain child we call, TurnKey Marketing:

In 2002, after being unable to find a TurnKey Marketing marketing solution, brothers, Erik and Drake Baerresen began work to create the first alternative to the advertising agency quo. Since its inception, TurnKey Marketing has thrived by offering clients an array of cutting edge, highly creative, easy to run advertising campaigns and digital solutions.

We are defined by our insistence on complete solutions that provide unparalleled results and a first class customer experience. Every campaign and industry solution developed is engineered with the mindset that our creative must breakthrough the clutter while representing our clients brand mindfully. That mindset, along with our execution, has allowed TurnKey Marketing to grow into the company it is today, with clients throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Russia and Australia.

Turn-Key Marketing is privately held and based out of Southern California in an epic center of creative energy and cutting edge technology. Turn-Key Marketing has received recognition from publications, organizations and public companies such as NADA, NIADA, DMA, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Auto Success Magazine, Nissan and Chrysler. Today with a large national sales force, support team and creative guru's in place, Turn-Key Marketing continues to expanded beyond its original Automotive Industry vertical to include its pioneering event philosophy to almost every other business industry.

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