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Intro to Paid Media

Benefits of Advertising Specials

  1. Incentives have proven to increase clicks, user intent and lead conversion.
  2. Incentives will help us to gain more users over your competitors.
  3. Comparing your incentives to your competitors’ will help to advertise a lower price if applicable to drive more leads.

What We Do

The TurnKey Marketing Paid Media team’s overall goal is to increase leads for the dealership; to push vehicle sales using various methods of digital marketing while gaining maximum exposure to new and existing audiences.

How We’re Going to Do It

With the use of compelling ad content and strategic targeting including:

  • Keyword targeting to increase user intent and relevancy.
  • In-depth location targeting by zip code.
  • Targeting competitors’ dealership location to reach their local customers.
  • Placing a heavy focus on local users using your backyard as our primary targeting area.
  • Utilize retargeting efforts to increase returning audiences.
  • Continuous testing to increase performance.

Why We’re Going to Do It

We want to utilize your budget to increase online leads resulting in phone conversions, form submissions and foot traffic into the dealership all tracked in Google Analytics for full transparency.

SEM Strategy

SEM Advertising

TKMKT offers the following features with any sign up:

  • Call Tracking Reporting
  • Regular Compliance Submissions
  • Daily Management by a Certified Google Specialist
  • Geo-Targeting Based on Sales by Zip Code Reports
  • Compelling Ad Content
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Monthly Account Review with Client
  • Bi-Monthly PPC Reporting
  • Strategic Campaign Optimization Based on Performance
  • Website User Engagement Analysis

Dynamic Display Retargeting

  • VIN specific display ads advertise inventory prices and available models to targeted interest audiences using the live inventory feed.
  • Effectively retargets to low-funnel audiences based on previously viewed inventory interests.

Video Advertising

  • Pre-roll video ads target audiences using custom YouTube videos displayed on the dealership’s YouTube page.
  • Creates awareness by delivering brand’s message while engaging in-market buyers.
  • Custom call-to-action cards, custom display image links and offers direct users to the appropriate landing page.


  • Directly integrates with the dealership’s CRM using a lead receiving email address.
  • Unique phone numbers are created to segment traffic leads by source.
  • Text message ads provide mobile users additional methods of communication from the Google search results page.
  • No additional cost required, must have CRM lead receiving email address and call tracking provided by TurnKey Marketing.

Smart Display

  • Smart Display campaigns optimizes for the best combination of headlines, text and images from the website’s inventory.
  • Smart Display is behavioral advertising that allows you to find the right prospects in real time and increase site traffic as well as site engagement.
  • This type of advertising has proven to increase brand lift by up to 400%.

Dynamic Search Ads

  • Fully dynamic search ads utilize the website content and the user’s search terms to create highly relevant text ads.
  • DSA’s frequently and automatically update the search ads as the page index updates.
  • The ability to upload an inventory feed is now available.
  • During pilot testing, most advertisers saw 5-10% more clicks and conversions.

Gmail Ads

  • Gmail ads are interactive ads at the top of people’s inboxes. When someone clicks a collapsed Gmail ad, it expands just like an email does.
  • The expanded ad, which is the size of an email, can include images, video, or embedded forms.
  • Gmail ads are a way to connect with people in a more personal-feeling format.
  • Average open rate is roughly 3.5%.
  • No additional cost required

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