TurnKey Marketing embraces Google AI to drive clients’ conversions 152%.

Increase in conversions with value based bidding
Decrease in CPA with value-based bidding
Increase in conversion rate with value-based bidding

Primary Marketing Objective:

  • Generate Leads

Featured Product Areas:

  • Smart Bidding
  • Performance  Max

The challenge

The impact of COVID-19 continues to disrupt the automotive industry, with manufacturers facing supply chain delays, causing auto dealers to suffer a shortage of new inventory. Accompanied by global privacy concerns, regulatory shifts, and browser changes, TurnKey Marketing, a predominantly auto-focused agency, foresaw emerging risks for its clients. These macro challenges led TurnKey to focus on improving operational efficiency via automated strategies such as value bidding and Performance Max.

The approach

By adopting an automation-first approach, TurnKey scaled Maximize conversion value bidding to increase customer profitability. It also implemented Performance Max campaigns to increase cross-channel efficiency and opted in to automatically apply recommendations to improve operational efficiency.

The results

TurnKey Marketing found that adopting an automation-first approach helped boost its clients’ conversions an average of 152% at a 55% lower cost per acquisition (CPA). By automatically applying optimization recommendations, TurnKey was able to reallocate time formerly spent on manual tasks towards strategic client initiatives such as integrating first-party data to the benefit of its clients.

Humans are better than machines at some things, but bidding in search auctions is not one of them. We can now spend our time focused on what humans do best – creatively solving problems and designing strategies to help improve our clients’ businesses.

Stephanie Gross

Director of Paid Media, TurnKey Marketing

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