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Local Campaigns Drive Efficient Footfall to Galpin Ford

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Local Actions
Lowest Cost Per Store Visit

The challenge

92% of Galpin Ford’s customers are a repeat, referral, or reputational customer. With the number of competitors in their area, Galpin Ford needed to stay top of mind to continue bringing in these customers. The dealership was challenged with finding new ways of reaching their customers and driving foot traffic.

The approach

To drive additional foot traffic, the dealership worked with their agency team at TurnKey. The approach was to focus heavily on driving intent-based traffic and converting that to measurable and efficient leads for the dealership. To do so, they used Local campaigns. These campaigns reach local high-intent customers and are focused on driving them to stores while also driving additional leads to the dealership such as phone calls, driving directions or website clicks. Given that these campaigns run across multiple platforms (including Youtube, Display and Maps) it provides with incremental reach while being the perfect complement to their offline marketing strategy.

The results

Local campaigns proved to be a highly cost-effective way to drive users to the dealership, by focusing on high-intent actions. Local campaigns helped to expand the dealership reach across digital channels to drive an increase in store visits. In December of 2019, they had 26 store visits at a $14 cost per store visit, in January they received 68 store visits at a $6 cost per store visits, and in February received 117 store visits at a $4 cost per store visit.

Local campaigns allowed us to get the most out of our advertising budget and drive incremental foot traffic efficiently for Galpin Ford.

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