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TurnKey is offering video ad creation for dealerships in the automotive industry looking to improve their ROI.

TikTok is a “must” platform that dealerships need to make part of their Always On advertising:

Lead gen ads with a 32% higher contact rate & 21% higher appointment rate than Facebook.

The platform delivers more than just awareness and fun videos for dealerships. While TikTok delivers exceptional value for reach, impressions, video views and cost, TikTok also excels at lead generation quality. At TurnKey, we have found that TikTok often out performs Facebook Lead Generation Ads in a variety of facets. In a recent study, using TikTok audience data to target adults with automotive interests in the County and DMA level, we’ve seen a pleasant cost per lead with an exceptional CPM in the low $3.00 range. In contrast, often times with Facebook we see a CPM costing over four times higher. While these metrics are worth noticing, the most impressive performance metric we see in our TurnKey TikTok Lead Generation Ads is the lead quality. This is where TikTok really shines brightly! When compared to lead gen ads on Facebook, our campaigns on TikTok have a dealership to lead contact rate that is 32% higher and an appointment rate that is 21% higher. TikTok is not just another place to advertise, it is a quality platform that is worth advertising on.

TikTok with TurnKey

With over two years of experience running automotive TikTok campaigns, we’re able to execute campaigns successfully and swiftly.

  • CTA’s include Lead Gen (TurnKey sends direct to CRM) and Website Traffic
  • Average user spends 94 minutes per day on TikTok
  • Most visited website/platform in the world
  • Wide array of audience targeting options
  • Approx 40% of TikTok Users are not on Facebook/Instagram
  • Clicks, impressions and video views come at a much lower cost on TikTok than Facebook
  • Lead generation campaigns convert at a lower cost
  • Geo-targeting can be done by DMA or county, and zip code targeting is being rolled out
  • Users can be targeted by their interests, the types of videos they’ve watched recently, or hashtags they’ve interacted with

Website Click CTA Example

Lead Gen CTA Example

  Video Ad Example

Dynamic Ad Example

Snapchat with TurnKey

We’ve partnered with Snapchat since the beginning of its inception into automotive dealership advertising, in fact we helped write the Playbook.

  • 65% of U.S. 18- to 29-year-olds use Snapchat
  • Average user spends 30 minutes per day on Snapchat
  • 319 million daily active users, a 34% increase YOY
  • Wide array of audience targeting options
  • Approx 30% of Snapchat users are not on Facebook/Instagram
  • Get 50% more impressions on Snapchat than Facebook for the same cost 
  • Lead generation optimization is being rolled out
  • Geo-targeting can be done by radius or zip code
  • Users can be targeted by their interests or shopping habits, and Oracle shopping audiences are included at no extra cost

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