Turn A Browser Into A Buyer

When discussing marketing best practices in the digital era, one of the most important terms to familiarize yourself with is undoubtedly display advertising. Businesses large and small that operate any type of Internet business use display advertising as one of their key revenue driving methods. Display advertising is capable of monetizing traffic, which essentially means that every visitor to your site for any reason now potentially has a dollar sign attached to him or her. If you want to get started putting this type of advertising to work for your own business, you’ll need to understand a few key things about the way it works.

If you’ve spent any appreciable amount of time on the Internet at all, you’re already well aware of display advertising even if you didn’t necessarily know that it was called that. The types of graphical ads that display next to search engine results, in instant messaging application chat windows, alongside your personal emails and more are all forms of display advertising at work. In essence, these types of ads are just the digital version of the full page spreads that run in the newspaper or in your favorite magazine. Next to the content that you’ve actually come to view there will be an ad for a product or service.

Thanks to the fact that they exist in the digital universe, however, these types of display ads share a number of advantages that their print counterparts don’t enjoy. Display ads can use Adobe Flash and other types of technology to become interactive, for example, allowing the user to input information and receive a desired response. Display ads can also include traditional images, video, audio and other types of rich media components.

Two of the major advantages of display advertising have to do with the types of actionable information that the user is provided with. Display advertising gives you certain key targeting options regarding user behavior, demographics and more all of which can be easily utilized to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Display ads are also inherently easy to track in a number of ways. By using actionable metrics like the total number of impressions an ad has generated, the total number of clicks and more, you can easily calculate your return on investment to help gain insight into how well the campaign is actually performing on a regular basis.

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