American Vision Windows

A clearly positive return on ad spend with Facebook mobile video ads


The window company raised brand awareness and made more sales with its first-ever Facebook ad campaign, which delivered a 16X return on spend.

return on ad spend
in revenue


Founded on pane points

Husband-and-wife team Bill and Kathleen Herren founded American Vision Windows after they had a difficult experience purchasing windows for their own home. They set out to give their customers everything they didn’t get: friendly and timely service, knowledgeable contractors and employees that care.


Raising brand awareness

American Vision Windows wanted to try Facebook ads for the first time to raise awareness about the brand among new audiences and make more sales.


Discovering the power of the platform

American Vision Windows had never advertised on Facebook before. To implement its first campaign, the company turned to digital agency TurnKey and Facebook Marketing Partner Tongal. TurnKey orchestrated all phases of the campaign, while Tongal worked with the company on the creative.

Brand awareness
Tongal participates in a program with Facebook called MobileWorks. Through the program, select partner agencies bring Facebook’s best practices for mobile video ads to their clients. The best practices include orienting the videos vertically, keeping them under 15 seconds and designing them for sound-off viewing.

The team rolled out the videos in the first part of the campaign to raise awareness of the brand among new audiences. They showed the ads to parents with children older than age 6 and people interested in home improvement and window installations in zip codes where the company had previous sales.

Lead generation
In the second phase of the campaign, the team rolled out lead ads to take potential customers from awareness of the American Vision Windows brand to considering a window purchase.

To reach window shoppers who had engaged with the phase one ads, the team used information from several Facebook pixels, which log activities on the company website and on manufacturing partners websites.

Offer ads
In the final phase of the campaign, the team used both video ads and photo ads that included a call-to-action button for customers to make a purchase. The team showed these ads to a list of interested customers who had not made a purchase yet.

TurnKey selected Facebook’s automatic placements for all phases of the campaign, so Facebook selected the appropriate platform—Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Audience Network—for each ad based on where it was performing the best.


Letting the light in

American Vision Windows’ first Facebook ad campaign, which ran from March 1–31, 2019, reached new home owners and delivered greater sales than its offline campaigns. The team verified results by uploading customer purchase information and using Facebook’s offline conversions tool, which matches customer information back to ads clicked. Results included:

  • 16X return on ad spend
  • $255,918 generated in revenue
  • 58 purchases
  • 88 appointments set

Facebook Products Used


Lead Ads

Generate qualified leads for your business.


Video Ads

Capture attention with engaging video ads.


Facebook Pixel

Measure activity and conversions for your ads.



Make better marketing decisions based on insights.


Facebook Marketing Partners

Get support and strategy help from our experts.

This campaign surpassed the client’s expectation with flying colors. Being able to measure the impact down to the dollar spent with the return gained gave American Vision Windows the confidence to invest more in their Facebook advertising efforts going forward.

Tsega Worku

Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, TurnKey

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