Test-driving video ads with Facebook’s Video Creation Kit


When this creative agency tested video ads made with Facebook’s Video Creation Kit for several car dealerships, it found that video ads created with the templates yielded greater auto sales and service appointments than photo ads.

more vehicles sold with video ads (Black Friday campaign)
more service appointments with video ads (Black Friday campaign)
more vehicles sold with video ads (all 3 dealers combined in spring campaigns)
more service appointments with video ads (all 3 dealers combined in spring campaigns)


Turning a Profit for Car Dealers

TurnKey is a Southern California marketing and advertising agency. Founded in 2002 by Erik Baerresen, Drake Baerresen and Matt Griffin, the agency has clients throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia. Originally concentrating only on car dealerships, TurnKey is now branching out into all industries.


Trying out video ads

TurnKey wanted to see if simple video ads would bring in more car sales and service appointments than photo ads for 3 different auto dealers.


Tools for mobile video

Because of its experience developing videos for clients, TurnKey provided feedback while Facebook was developing the Video Creation Kit. When the tool was rolled out across all platforms, TurnKey decided to test it out with one of its major automotive clients, Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, to promote the dealer’s Black Friday sale.

To create the short video ad, the team selected a ready-made template from the kit and designed it to be a plug-and-play blueprint for future campaigns. The ads used 2 images and motion graphics to showcase the interior and exterior of the vehicle on offer, and also communicated sale pricing.

Black Friday split test
The agency tested the video ad against a photo ad featuring the exterior of the featured auto and the sales pricing. Using Facebook’s A/B split test option in Ads Manager, one randomized group of people saw the video ad and another randomized group saw the photo ad. Both ads had equal budgets. At the end of the test, the video ad had yielded great results, while the photo ad had delivered zero car sales or closed repair orders.

Follow-up with multiple dealerships
After the Black Friday test, the team expanded testing to 2 more dealerships—Galpin Ford and Cherry Hill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. This time, the agency tested the video and photo ads as separate standalone ads in the same campaign, running during the same timeframe and with equal budgets. The team selected Facebook’s campaign budget optimization, which allows Facebook to put more budget toward the highest-performing ad. In this test environment, the photo ads did bring sales and service appointments. But with every test, car shoppers began to favor the video more, so video won—both in terms of budget and on the dealers’ lots.


Template triumph

Facebook’s Video Creation Kit offers 5 different templates for different purposes, from introducing a brand to promoting a product or multiple products. The video template that TurnKey selected for the car dealerships included these components:

  • Easy-to-swap-out logos and images of the exterior and interior of the featured vehicle
  • A sales price and offer
  • Dealer branding


Turning over a new leaf

Video ads outperformed photo ads for TurnKey’s Black Friday campaign (November 22–30, 2017) and its spring campaigns with multiple auto dealers (February 19–March 5, 2018). Results from the video ads, compared to photo ads, included:

  • 14X more vehicles sold (Black Friday campaign)
  • 12X more service appointments (Black Friday campaign)
  • 13X more vehicles sold (for all 3 dealers combined in the spring campaigns)
  • 7X more service appointments (for all 3 dealers combined in the spring campaigns)

Facebook Products Used


Photo Ads

Inspire your audience with photo ads.


Video Ads

Show up to 10 images or videos in a single ad.



Make better marketing decisions based on insights.

Everyone knows that video is important and should be considered a must-do item. However, video carries a barrier to entry from a time and creative standpoint, which has stood in the way for many advertisers. I’m happy Facebook’s Video Creation Kit has resulted in removing this barrier for Facebook advertisers.

Drake Baerresen

Chief Marketing Officer, TurnKey

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