67% of searches do not make it to the website.

A study done in 2020 by SparkToro analyzed more than 5 TRILLION searches. The findings? Over Two thirds of the searches began and end with no click through to any result. Let that sink in for a moment…67 out of every 100 searches are held in the Google Universe and do not make it to any site. Accident? Coincidence? NOPE!

Google wants you to use their properties.

Have you noticed how much information there is on the Google SERP when you do a search? Carousels of photos, videos, Reviews, Google Maps, and on and on…There is a reason…

Google wants to keep searches on all of their properties as much as possible. It gives them the opportunity to find out more about their users, which lets Google monetize your time, your attention, your commerce, and your behavior. By answering your queries, it is accomplishing this mission. This trend is especially heavy on mobile devices, and that is concerning for SEO, as the majority of search is done on mobile.

SEO is more important than ever.

So what does this mean? It means SEO is MORE IMPORTANT than ever before. Let me show you why…Just two years ago, the percentage of no click through was just over 50%. So 50 out of every 100 searches did not click on a result. Let’s talk about the 50 people left. If your site comes up #3 for the query, you will get around 10% of the clicks. That would have been 5 people 2 years ago. Now it is 33 out of 100, so your #3 placement would give you 3 people now. That’s 2 less visits to your site out of every 100 queries, without anyone doing anything different…except Google.

Don’t get squeezed out.

With Google constantly trying to squeeze Organic results on Page #1 and these startling numbers coming to light, you want to make sure you are getting every bit of traffic you can from your Organic SEO. If you want TurnKey Marketing to take a look at your SEO, give us a call – no strings, no obligations. We want to help you shatter the status quo!

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