TurnKey Marketing uses Polk Audiences by S&P Global Mobility for great results in Service campaigns

Polk Service Audiences delivered the right customers for Turnkey Marketing clients. Delivering best return on investment.

Compared to Facebook interest-based audiences, Polk Service Audiences delivered:

Lower Cost Per RO
Average Session Duration
Higher CTR

Campaign Overview:

Service campaign across six dealerships – each from a different OEM – using Cost per closed service order (RO) as the primary performance metric

Data Strategy:

Used interest-based audiences from Facebook for targeted offers and then supplemented with Polk Service Audiences.


June – July 2022

Using Polk Audiences in combination with TurnKey Marketing’s proprietary strategy and messaging approach allow us to deliver the best results for our clients. The results clearly speak for themselves.

Jeff Galian

Director of Social Media Advertising, TurnKey Marketing

See Results from Your Advertising Dollars

We are extremely proud of the work we are doing with S&P Global Mobility. If you need help getting amazing results with your advertising dollars, contact TurnKey Marketing today for a no-obligation consultation! Call (866) 476-7748 today!

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